Get access to mobile app users all over the world
MADEX exchange is a unified access to the inventory of leading mobile app developers
MADEX Exchange is
  • In-app inventory worldwide — more than 180 countries
  • More than 50,000 apps
  • 1.5 billion impressions per day
Be in contact with the users via their most personal device — mobile phone
92.1% of Internet users use a smartphone
Users spend more than 4 hours a day in mobile applications
92.5% of users spend in mobile apps
MADEX is the easy programmatic solution to keep in touch with your mobile app audience
  • Easy integration via OpenRTB 2.5
  • Interface for launching advertising campaigns
Use a wide range of programmatic targeting options
Device type
Connection type
Device manufacturer
Device model
Operating system
Cellular operator
Battery level
Captivating formats for the best possible contact with the audience
  • Interactive
    Rich Media
  • Remarkable
  • Engaging
    Rewarded Video
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