Get access to mobile app users
All over the world

MADEX exchange

Is a unified access to the inventory of leading mobile app developers

In-app inventory worldwide — more than 180 countries
More than 50,000 apps
1.5 billion impressions per day
Be in contact with the users via their most personal device — mobile phone
92.1% of Internet users use a smartphone
Users spend more than 4 hours a day in mobile applications
92.5% of users spend in mobile apps
MADEX is the easy programmatic solution
to keep in touch with your mobile app audience
  • Easy integration via OpenRTB 2.5

  • Interface for launching advertising campaigns

Use a wide range of programmatic targeting options
Device type, connection type, device manufacturer, device model, geolocation, operating system, cellular operator, battery level, etc.
Captivating formats for the best possible contact with the audience
  • Interactive
    Rich Media
  • Remarkable


  • Engaging

    Rewarded Video